I’m really excited that I have this small business. It even means the world to me when friends and family are your main hype people, but even more grateful for strangers to become friends and be part of the hype!

I’m not really sure what to say in a blog, but I’ll just say what I have currently on my mind.

- Finishing up a custom cardigan that I’m extremely proud of.

- I have like … Six other WIP (work in progress) projects that I should finished, but always super excited to start a new one!

- I have so many paid patterns I bought within the last year … It’s almost as addicting as buying beautiful yarn!

- I realized how content I am with a ball of yarn and various sizes of crochet hooks. Even knitting needles.

- Always thinking about what’s yet to come and what to create and offer to everyone!

I wanna thank you if you made it this far in this blog post. It really isn’t easy running a small business, working a part-time retail job, and being a full time mom of two little guys with such a big age gap.

My biggest wish is to be successful where I don’t gotta stress on what’s yet to come.

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